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Real-time analytics are critical for organizations that not only need to make decisions quickly, but to power fast, interactive experiences for employees, customers and partners. Yet antiquated data platforms can’t return queries in minutes (let alone seconds), and disparate systems further complicate your ability to glean valuable insights quickly.

With a distributed SQL database that unifies both transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStore delivers blazing fast, real-time analytics on any data, anywhere. That means you get up-to-the-second, actionable insights on both data in-motion and data-at-rest to drive limitless experiences.

Ultra-Fast Ingest
Process millions of events per second for immediate availability
Super-Low Latency
Sub-second latencies with immediate consistency
High Concurrency
Millions of real-time queries across tens of thousands of users
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Fuel Your SaaS Applications with Ultra-Fast Analytics

Drive Real-time Interactive Analytics at Lightning Speed

Accelerate all data through one ultra-fast, cloud-native database built for modern, data-intensive apps or augment your current infrastructure to set the stage for growth.

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Fuel Your SaaS Applications with Ultra-Fast Analytics - Whitepaper

Data Warehouse Augmentationdata-warehouse-augmentation

Enabling real-time analytics doesn’t mean you have to start over.

Leading organizations are augmenting their legacy or cloud data warehouses with SingleStore to drive ultra-fast analytics and power intelligent, data-intensive applications.

20-100x Faster Time-to-Insights

High-throughput parallel streaming ingestion together with super low-latency queries to drive faster time-to-insights.

Run Apps & Analytics Efficiently

Offers the stability to run fast analytics and data apps directly on SingleStoreDB while lowering costs.

Up to 50% Lower Costs

Accelerate your data warehouse to deliver better price performance and overall lower TCO of up to 50% with SingleStoreDB.

Trusted by Innovative Companies of Every Size
Christoph Malassa
Christoph Malassa,
Managing Consultant / Head of Analytics and Intelligence Solutions, Siemens

SingleStore is the fastest database ever tested by us.

We have tested various SQL databases including SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL (in different flavors) and SingleStore is easily 20x faster than any of them; depending on the query we have seen 100x improvements for analytics queries.
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