Partnering for Success: Our April Partner Update for SingleStore


Mackenzie Miller

Technology Ecosystem Alliance Manager

Partnering for Success: Our April Partner Update for SingleStore

The SingleStore partner ecosystem helps businesses unlock the full potential of their data. In this blog, we will be sharing updates on our growing partner ecosystem, including new technology partnerships, program updates and upcoming events. We will also highlight the exciting work our partners are doing with SingleStore and our customers to deliver innovative solutions.

As we usher in the spring season, we are excited to share the latest SingleStore technology partnership updates from the past month. From informative webinars on building a GPT chatbot to new SingleStore Connect listings, it has been a busy month of growth and collaboration within our partner community. In this post, we will take a closer look at April highlights, showcasing the valuable contributions of our partners and the ways they are driving innovation with SingleStore. Let’s dive in and catch up on all the exciting happenings in the SingleStore Partner Program!

new-partners-and-single-store-connect-listingsNew Partners and SingleStore Connect Listings

This month, we added nine new partner product listings to SingleStore Connect. These partners provide seamless integrations, enabling our customers to leverage the full potential of SingleStore for their real-time applications and analytics. Learn more about these partners:

Decube We're joining forces to strengthen data governance and management for our customers. With this collaboration, SingleStore users can now:

  • Establish robust data policies and access controls
  • Monitor and audit data usage across the organization
  • Collaborate on data governance issues with stakeholders

Learn more about the partnership here.

Denodo We're thrilled to announce Denodo's partnership with SingleStore as part of the SingleStore Partner Program! With this collaboration, SingleStore users can now:

  • Make real-time, data-driven decisions
  • Harness the full potential of their data, while reducing complexity and accelerating time to value
  • Enjoy the flexibility to grow and adapt, while maintaining speed and efficiency in your data-driven processes

Learn more about how to connect SingleStore to Denodo here.

IBM Data Replication IBM Data Replication ensures multiple data stores are synchronized and kept consistent in real time through continuous log capture of data changes. With SingleStore and IBM Data Replication, customers can:

  • Replicate data from legacy systems to SingleStore to modernize their data infrastructure
  • Replicate data in real time from transactional systems to SingleStore
  • Minimize downtime during data migration

IBM DataStage — IBM DataStage is a comprehensive ETL solution organizations can use to integrate and transform data from a variety of sources to SingleStore. Customers can now leverage IBM DataStage with SingleStore to:

  • Analyze data from existing data sources and deliver better customer experiences through modern applications
  • Manage risk, reduce costs and drive operational efficiency by delivering trusted data
  • Integrate, cleanse and analyze data from disparate data sources

Ispirer Through our partnership with Ispirer, customers can migrate their databases from one platform to another. Customers can now leverage the Ispirer Toolkit with SingleStoreDB to:

  • Automatically migrate the entire database schema including data, tables, functions, triggers, views, etc.
  • Migrate your database without restrictions. Ispirer supports database conversions no matter the operating system
  • Access a detailed report on the results of database conversion and import to the target database

FlywayOur partnership with Flyway, a popular open-source database migration tool with more than 40 million downloads, revolutionizes the way you manage database migrations. With this collaboration, our customers can now:

  • Effortlessly perform reliable database migrations, ensuring up-to-date and accurate data while minimizing downtime during crucial updates
  • Effectively track and coordinate database schema changes, empowering teams to work together efficiently and with confidence
  • Lower costs by simplifying database management, reducing the time and effort required for database migrations and schema change

AWS PrivateLinkHere are the top three benefits of leveraging the Singlestore Helios and AWS PrivateLink integration:

  • Enhanced security. Safeguard sensitive data with secure, private connections between your VPC and Singlestore Helios, eliminating exposure to the public internet
  • Simplified network architecture. Reduce network complexity by establishing direct connections to Singlestore Helios, bypassing the need for VPNs or NAT devices
  • Improved performance. Experience low-latency, high-throughput communication between your AWS resources and Singlestore Helios, ensuring optimal performance for real-time applications

ThoughtSpot Leverage ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud with SingleStore to:

  • Deliver Live Analytics to your modern data stack — empowering your colleagues, partners and customers to turn data into actionable insights
  • Search the answer to any business question with ThoughtSpot’s Google-like search interface, making it easy to interact with your SingleStore data
  • Visualize your most important business metrics in real-time with interactive Liveboards that allow you to drill down, filter, add measures and present on the fly

Coming Soon! Oracle GoldenGate — Oracle GoldenGate provides a real-time data mesh, which uses replication to keep data highly available, and enables real-time analysis. Through our partnership with GoldenGate, customers can:

  • Replicate databases and data services across operating systems, endianness, character sets and object structures
  •  Reliably transfer data to SingleStoreDB with built-in conflict detection and resolution
  • Reduce planned downtime during database maintenance

upcoming-eventsUpcoming Events:

Dev Day & Happy Hour: GCP Silicon Valley

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 9th 4-6pm PT

  • How to build an operational database based on a real-time digital marketing use case
  • How to use SingleStore on Google Cloud with Looker
  • Enjoy free drinks and conversation with speakers and attendees! (onsite attendees only)

Register Now!

last-months-eventsLast Month’s Events:

How to Build GPT-chatbot Apps with SingleStore & MindsDB

  • How to quickly deploy SingleStore and MindsDB integrated infrastructure on AWS
  • How to perform applied machine-learning workflows using SQL commands
  • See live demos of popular ML use cases, powered by GPT-3

Watch the webinar recording and learn step-by-step how to build a charismatic Twitter chatbot in a few hours.

How to Migrate 400M Rows from MySQL with Zero Downtime

  • How to migrate from MySQL to SingleStore with zero downtime using Arcion
  • Migration benefits including performance and scale that wasn’t possible on MySQL
  • How to improve your business intelligence and decision-making insights with this migration

Watch the webinar recording

partner-program-updatesPartner Program Updates:

Looking to showcase your partnership with SingleStore? Whether you are a SingleStore Technology partner, VAR, GSI/SI, or OEM, contact your SingleStore partner manager to access a badge you can add to your website or co-marketing materials.

Partner Spotlight: Arcion

Arcion is the only cloud-native, distributed CDC-based data replication platform that delivers the easiest way to move high-volume, high-velocity data reliably between transactional databases, data warehouses, and cloud platforms. Built on a highly distributed architecture, Arcion’s enterprise-grade Change Data Capture ensures fast, secure, and low-impact data replication in real time. Fortune 500 companies around the globe rely on Arcion for zero-downtime data migration, easy cloud adoption, real-time AI/ML workloads, and other modern data workloads.

SingleStore customer leveraged Arcion Cloud to migrate from MySQL to SingleStoreDB with zero downtime. By using Acrion Cloud, avoided having to take down their platform for roughly six hours while they migrated everything to SingleStore and spent months refactoring their application. Instead, they leveraged Arcion Cloud and transferred 4,500 rows/second on average, saving at least four weeks of engineering efforts. Read more about and how they are using SingleStore and Arcion today.

Partner Spotlight: Tableau

In a recent Q&A session, Nicolas Brisoux, Senior Director of Product at Tableau, shares insights on the role of real-time data integration and analysis in today's dynamic business landscape. Addressing challenges organizations face when handling large volumes of data, he emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making and highlights the value of the Tableau-SingleStore partnership. The interview sheds light on how this powerful collaboration transforms data into actionable insights, helping businesses stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Read the full interview to learn more about the future of data analytics and the innovative solutions offered by Tableau and SingleStore.